Keyturion – take care of the security of your company

Large enterprises that rely on the Data Center should place particular emphasis on securing all devices and servers against not only malicious programs, but also against employees. Nowadays monitoring applications are a standard service in every company. Bosses want to have the greatest possible control over what is happening on company devices and at the same time oversee the progress and efficiency of employees. The Keyturion monitoring application comes in handy in such situations.

What does the Keyturion app offer?

Keyturion monitoring software offers its users comprehensive activities that allow them to gain control over a selected number of devices. The application collects data on activities on the device data, and then presents it to the owner in the form of a clear presentation and statistics.

What other functions does the app provide?

Keyturion has a wide spectrum of operation and allows for personalization to customer expectations. This means that the owner can select phrases or pages which, entered by the employee, will send an email alert and automatically take a screenshot. This immediately proves that the device was not used as intended. In addition, the application also protects the computer system and sends alerts in the event of malware or other threats that may harm the company.

Why is Keyturion worth investing in?

Keyturion is a monitoring application that will save a lot of time on controlling employees. It is a secure space where access is strongly protected by a password and multiple security measures. Thanks to Keyturion, you will find the necessary data on company equipment quickly and easily. Easy operation of the application allows you to change the settings at any time of use.
Keyturion will provide access to many useful information and protect the company against possible data leakage or a dishonest employee. If you want to feel safe, Keyturion is just for you. What is important – not only at work, but also at home. You can use it everywhere, also for controlling children.